How To use the QR Code?

  • Each QR Code is Unique and can only be used once
  • Your test result can be registered without registering for an account on the site.
  • Registering an account does give you the benefit of having all your Wikang Test Results in one spot
  • Registered users are automatically detected by the system and their user details will auto populate selected fields.
  • A Digital Certificate is automatically generated and issued to you upon completion of your form submission via email. Registered users will also have access via their account screen.
Scan the QR Code on the test casette with the app of your choice.
For Android users, we recommend QR Scanner
iOS users can use their camera app to scan the QR code. Open the link when prompted and the form will launch in your mobile browser.
Once the page has loaded in your browser, fill in the relevant details.
Please enter your Organization Details(Company/School/Etc)First Name, Last Name, email address & ID Details(IC/BruHIMS/Passport) and Contact number(Optional).
A valid email address is recommended, as the digital certificate will be emailed to you upon submitting your result. Registering for an account, you are able to save your details which will auto populate the user details on your next rapid test.

Enter the Location and time that the test was initiated, and after 15 minutes(for Nasal) or 30 minutes (for Saliva), enter the test result.
You will have to upload a picture of the test kit. Tap on upload, and you will be prompted to use the camera to take a picture. Please ensure that the picture taken follows the example below:

Tap on Submit to upload your result. You will then be given an option to download or view a PDF of your Digital Certificate which. This Digital Certificate is also emailed to your email account. For those who have registered, this test result is also available for viewing under your “My Account” screen.

Registering an account

  • Click here or on the Login Button on the top right of the screen. 
  • If you have a gmail or google account, tapping on “Login with Google” will automatically register you on the site.
  • Once you have registered, you can update your user details on “My Account” 

Updating your user details

  • Click on “Account Details
  • You can change your password, update your First & Last Name (for your certificate) and update your email address.
  • You can also update your optional information on this page. 
  • Updating your details here will enable all these fields to be automatically populated on all future tests.
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