Nasal/Throat Swab Kit

$10 /Kit RRP

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  • The non-intrusive, qualitative detection of human coronavirus
    antigen through nasal or throat swab samples.
  • Get your test results within 15 minutes from any location.
  • Quick, accurate & painless screening tool that is suitable for
    home self-testing and mass screening without requiring any
    specific instrument to detect any possible Covid-19 infection.
  • Available over the counter for easy access by public who are
    worried when they have Covid-19 symptoms and want to put
    their minds at ease.


  • Quick & Painless
    Less invasive nasal/throat swab collection method with results in 15 minutes or less.
  • Unique QR code
    Accurate report generation, authentication and test tracing. (Great for large organizations)
  • Safe Swabs
    Disposable nasal/throat swabs are included in individual sterile packaging to minimize cross contamination
  • Biohazard Waste Bag
    Disposable biohazard waste bag is included for safe and easy disposal after use.
  • Reliable
    Approved by The Ministry of Health, Brunei & Medical Device Authority (MDA), Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Product Specifications

Sensitivity >94.25%
Specificity 100%
Test time 15 minutes
Storage conditions 4-30ºC
Shelf Life 24 Months

Package Contents

Nasal/Throat Swab
Nasal/Throat Swab x1
Test Kit
Test Kit x1
Antigen Extraction Tube
Antigen Extraction Tube with
Antigen Extract R1 x 1
Biohazard Bag
Biohazard Bag x1

How To Swab

Sanitize Your Hands
Remove Swab from Package
Nasal Method
Tilt head back about 70°. Slowly rotate the swab against the wall of the nostril to the nasal palate, and then slowly remove it while wiping.
Throat Method
Tilt head slightly, with mouth open say “Ahh”, exposing the Pharyngeal Tonsils.
Swab and wipe the Tonsils on both sides with a little back & forth action at least 3-5 times

How To Test

Step 1
After Collecting Swab
Sample, rotate the swab
in reagent tube

Step 2
Plunge the swab
for 15 sec while
squeezing the tube

Step 3
Remove the swab
while squeezing the

Step 4
Firmly close the
filter cap onto the
Reagent tube

Step 5
Squeeze gently to
dispense 2 drops of
the sample into the
sample well

Step 6
Read the result
after 15 min.
Do not read result
after 20 minutes after
applying the sample.

Test Results

When the test is complete, put all used test contents into the biohazard bag and dispose of in your general household waste.
Wash and/or sanitize your hands thoroughly
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