Rapid TestPCR Test
Purpose♦ Surveillance screening
♦ Testing before events
♦ Testing with symptoms
♦ Confirmatory testing with a positive ART
♦ Baseline testing prior to surveillance with ART
♦ Covid status following period of treatment
Sample TypeThe sample is taken from a swab from the nose or mouthThe sample is taken from a swab from the nose or mouth or a saliva sample
Turnaround TimeAs early as 24 hours after sample collectionAs early as 15 minutes after sample collection
Limitations♦ Painful and Uncomfortable
♦ Potential exposure during test
Not as sensitive and accurate as a PCR Test
AdvantagesAccurate and quantitative result♦ Safe and painless test done in the comfort of your own home or office.
♦ The convenience of ART with the accuracy of PCR!
♦ Our ART kits offer 100% sensitivity based on independent test reports
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